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DNC Magazine - Seotember Issue


We are glad to present the second issue (September-October 2012) of the DNC Magazine. To our eager subscribers who were waiting since the past two months, we are glad to know our content has brought so much interest. Well the wait is now over. You can go ahead and enjoy the latest issue. The download links are at the beginning of this mail.

This month’s edition features Windows 8 for developers in all shape, form and size! Yes, it’s the ‘new release’ season at Microsoft and we are bringing as much new stuff as we can. This time we have WinRT+C#+XAML, WinRT+WinJS, WinRT+Testing and even a Tiled Web Framework!

Apart from that we have WCF 4.5, Twitter Bootstrap+ASP.NET MVC, Testing Benefits, Azure Caching and HadoopOnAzure too! Last but not least, we have our special guest in the Interview chair. The one and only Jon Skeet! Don’t forget to try out the trivia questions from the master himself

This magazine is a Free initiative from our end and we would like to reach out to as many members of the .NET community, as possible. If you would like to spread the word around, please share this link http://www.dotnetcurry.com/magazine/dnc-magazine-issue2.aspx

You can also join us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/DotNetCurry or join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DotNetCurry
Happy Reading!

Suprotim Agarwal & the
DotNetCurry.com Team

DNC, Building 9, Karishma Soc., Pune, (Mah) 411029


Click Here To Download (PDF)

Click Here To Download (iPad Compatible PDF)


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